A must if you come to Arenal Sound. To come and not stay in the Rest Zone is to live the experience half-heartedly. You will meet hundreds of sounders and live a thousand stories, some that can be told and some that cannot. What happens in Arenal stays in Arenal.
Catering areas, bars for whatever you need, showers and restrooms, security on the premises and the best possible good vibes.
Both areas have Glamping service. Discover all the advantages. Rest Area tickets are purchased individually. Each person should have his or her own Rest Zone ticket.


From 45€ + GG.
Available until 09/02 or end of stock
The largest Rest Area. It hosts a large part of the festi. Close to supermarkets and with the Sounder Bus only 5 minutes away from the concert venue and the beach. The party is guaranteed.


Thank you Sounders!


Next to the festi and in front of the beach. The mood will be sunbathing, enjoying Arenal and laughter 24/7. If you don’t want to miss any concert this is your perfect Zone.


* It is mandatory to link your Rest Zone with the subscription to be able to use it.


* It is mandatory to link your Rest Zone with the subscription to be able to use it.


You only have to change the name of the tickets that are nominative (General Passes, VIP Passes, Rest Areas and Day Tickets). Remember that all products and services are associated with your subscription. You can change your name free of charge within 7 days from the date of purchase. Once this time has elapsed, you will be able to change your data at a cost of 20€.


The festival has two rest areas: Arenal and Malvarrosa. In order to access the rest area, attendees must purchase their festival pass + rest area ticket (Arenal or Malvarrosa), exchanging it upon arrival at the corresponding accreditation center.
In addition, attendees who also opt for a Glamping tent, should note that they will have to purchase a Festival Pass + Rest Area Ticket (Arenal or Malvarrosa) + Glamping Tent (optional). The rest area will have the following services for its users:
– Lockers/lockers
– Shower and toilet area.
– Electrical connection points for charging small electrical appliances
Some of these services will be paid. The promoter reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of these services for organizational reasons.
The basic rules for the use of the service are detailed below:
To access the rest area it will be mandatory to electronically validate the ticket, whether it is printed or in digital format, for its immediate exchange for the wristband, which will be placed by the festival staff. The wristband is the only valid element that entitles the Owner and User to access the rest area.
The campsite will be occupied on a first-come, first-served basis until full capacity is reached and in the manner indicated by the Promoter. The main and secondary roads, the perimeter road and emergency exits must be completely clear for the passage of people and vehicles.
Food and water bottles are allowed in the rest area, so please make use of the waste garbage cans and selective garbage points to dispose of waste. It is recommended that Users carry garbage bags to keep the resting area in proper hygienic conditions. Users accessing the rest area are obliged to respect the coexistence and not to disturb the rest of others.
The Promoter is not responsible for the theft or loss of objects in the music venue, rest area and parking lot.


Duration 6 NIGHTS in which you will have the right to use and enjoy the Store with all its Goods. The Glamping service is independent and additional. You must buy your General or VIP Pass and the corresponding rest area ticket at the Arenal Sound website and then at the Glamping tent. Access, use and enjoyment of the Tent will not be allowed if the person does not have the General or VIP Pass and the ticket for the rest area. In addition to the price per tent, and before we take you to where the tent will be located, you will have to pay a deposit of a total amount per tent of FORTY (40 Euros). This will be returned at the end of the stay.
I understand and accept
– That, the use and enjoyment of the Store and its Goods is for the term of 6 nights. That the payment per Store (which includes the Goods) shall be made in a single payment, regardless of the number of occupants, which may never exceed the number indicated in the specifications of each store. That, therefore, in the process of purchasing the right to use and enjoy the Store, I am obliged to provide my name and the name of the other persons who will occupy the Store. If at the moment of the purchase of the right of use of the Tent you are less than four people, the space that remains to be occupied will be confirmed and registered in the Rest Area of Arenal Sound and this, at the moment when the Tent is made available to you. After the day of registration and entry, the names of the persons using the Store may not be changed, notwithstanding that, if there are vacancies, the person who made the payment during the 6 nights of use of the Store may register any person to fill the vacant slot.
– That the payment I make for the use and enjoyment of the Store and Goods does not give me any right of acquisition over the same and/or over the same. That, I will vacate and abandon the Tent, and deliver all its Goods, on the day I leave the Festival or, failing that, on August 8 before 12:00 noon. That, all the Goods placed at my disposal will be kept during the use with due diligence, avoiding causing damage or deterioration to them beyond those inherent to their normal use. That, I am jointly and severally liable along with all other persons using and enjoying the Store and its Goods for any damage caused to the same. That, the choice of the location of the Store will be the one that the [empresa encargada de la Zona Glamping-Organización] decides. However, you will be able to choose the tent you like the most as long as it is free; the first one who arrives at the camping area chooses the tent, and so on.
– That, I agree to deposit a deposit of FORTY EUROS (40 Euros) to cover possible damages, and I will pay the difference in case of having a higher cost than the deposited deposit. That, I agree to have my card charged once I have been verbally informed by the [empresa encargada de la Zona Glamping]. That, if I seriously damage the tent I will pay for its repair or replacement in full, amount not entirely covered by the 40 € deposit.
– That, daily cleaning of the interior of the tents and linen changes are not included. That, if requested, I will pay on the spot for the cleaning of the Store.
– That cancellations are not allowed, however, with a written and signed authorization from the person who has paid for the Store (which includes their Goods) together with a photocopy of their ID card or passport, the Store, or the free spaces, may be allowed to be used by a person other than the registered person/s. In case of partial or total cancellation of Arenal Sound no refund of any amount of money for the payment of the Store will be made.
– That the price for the use and enjoyment of the Store includes only the goods and services referred to in the Description.
– We are not responsible for objects left in the Tents or adjacent Area, although we provide fenced space and security for the Area to protect objects and people.