ARENAL SOUND · 30 JUL — 4 AGO 2024


This year we don’t want you to wait in line to pick up your wristband so we will send all Arenal Sound wristbands to the address or pick up point you indicate. Once you have nominated your subscriptions, you will have to fill in herethe shipping address to which you will receive all the wristbands you have purchased in the same purchase process.

The bracelets will be shipped FROM APRIL, we will let you know when your order is on its way.

*It is necessary to nominate subscriptions first in order to provide shipping information.


From what date does the shipment start?

Wristbands will be shipped starting APRIL 2024, you will receive your tracking link from TIPSA on the day of shipment.

Will all wristbands be shipped?

Yes, all wristbands will be shipped to your home or to the selected TIPSA collection point at no extra cost, shipping is FREE. Thanks to this system, you can forget about queuing at the festival entrance.

How do I change the delivery address?

If there are any errors or missing information in the shipping address you should send an e-mail to and complete it before the shipment is sent.

Who receives the wristbands?

The persons who made the purchase will receive all the wristbands. This person will be in charge of distributing the wristbands to each attendee.

How do I pick up at the TIPSA point?

To pick up the bracelet shipment at a Pick up point you must wait 24h (one working day) once you have received the shipping notification email from TIPSA. From that moment you have 15 days to pick up your bracelet/s.

How can I check the supplements linked to the subscription?

You can scan the QR code on each bracelet and a link will appear with the name of each bracelet and the associated accessories.

How do I make a name change after receiving the bracelet?

When a name change is made, the wizard information is automatically updated. You only have to give the wristband to the new assistant so that he/she can access without any problem by showing his/her ID card.

How do I activate the bracelet?

The wristbands will arrive deactivated and you will have to follow the following process to activate them:

1. Scan with your cell phone the QR code on a wristband.
2. Click on the Activate Wristband button.
3. Enter the code of your subscription (you can find it in the subscription).
4. Wear your wristband on the day of the festival.
5. Bring your ID card to the festival, it will be checked at the entrance to the site that the bearer of the bracelet is the holder of the season ticket.

What do I do if I lose the bracelet?

It is very important that you do not lose your wristband, as without it you will not be able to access the festival.

How do I pick up the bracelet for my child?

All minors between the ages of 0 and 9 years old must pass through the accreditation center to pick up their festival wristband. All minors must fill out the following minor authorization form in order to gain access to the festival.

How do I know that my wristband is the official festival wristband?

Official wristbands will only be sent through authorized TIPSA channels, and the promoter will not be responsible for wristbands not purchased through these channels. The wristband has a chip that is unique and non-transferable, guaranteeing its authenticity.