I can’t find the subscriptions/tickets/products/services. Request the shipment again.

Is the festival for people over 18 years old?

Yes, only persons over 18 years of age may access. Only children up to 9 years of age (including these) may be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Can I request a refund for any of the tickets purchased?

No, the return is not possible.

Where can I buy my festival pass?
We are sorry, but as of the first day of sale there are no more season tickets available, neither general nor VIP. But you can still buy day tickets


Beware of resale! The purchase of season tickets outside the official channels is a risk for the attendee, who could be acquiring duplicate or false tickets with which he/she would not be able to access the festival. The organization will electronically validate 100% of the tickets, not allowing access to the festival to anyone with a ticket that has already been previously validated or purchased outside the official channels.

Does my festival pass include a Rest Area?
The festival pass (which only gives access to the concert venue) and the ticket for the Arenal or Malvarrosa rest area are sold separately. If you only want access to the concert area, you must have purchased a festival ticket (general or VIP). But if you also want to access the rest area you must have also purchased the ticket for the Arenal or Malvarrosa rest area.

The rest area ticket alone is useless if it is not accompanied by the general or VIP pass. To access the rest area you will have to show both tickets at the accreditation tent to get your wristband.

Do the subscriptions include the WELCOME PARTIES on the 1st and 2nd?

This ticket is not included in the general or VIP pass. It is a separate ticket that must be purchased separately. Only if you have a general or VIP membership you will be able to purchase and access the welcome parties. First you must pick up your general or VIP season ticket wristband and then you must go to the welcome party area to exchange your separate party ticket for your wristband.

Are the season tickets/tickets/Zones de Descanso nominative?

YES. General and VIP season tickets, as well as rest area tickets and day tickets are nominative. The information on your ticket must match the information on your ID card and upon arrival at the festival will be checked at the corresponding accreditation center.

Are the tickets for Welcome Parties, Official Buses, Sounder Bus, Glamping, Saving Kit, Promo Drink,… also nominative?

Product tickets are not nominative and in this case it is the code that is important.

I want to change the name or data of my entry. How can I do it?

You can make a name change


The person to whom you transfer the new ticket must pay 20€ for each ticket (Pass and Rest Area), the other products are not nominative and you must not change the name.

What happens if the information on my ID card does not match the information on my ticket when I arrive at the festival?

You will have to go to the incidents stand (located next to the accreditation center) and pay the amount of 30€ for each ticket corresponding to the change of data as the rest of the attendees have done online.

What do I have to change my name to?

You must make a name change to the General Season Tickets, VIP Season Tickets and Rest Areas in case you finally cannot come to the festival as these are NAMERATIVE and the name will be checked to match the name of the holder of these tickets.

You do NOT have to change the name of the official buses, sounder bus, glamping tents, saving kit, promo drinks, lockers or power bank. All these products and services are NON-NOMINATIVE. It is okay if the holder of these tickets does not match the name shown.

Where can I change my name and how much?

You can change your name


and it has a cost of 20€ after 7 days from the date of purchase. During the festival, at the incident booth, the name change will have a cost of 30€.

It won’t let me change my name

If you have problems with the name change at


you should write to

Concert schedules

You can check the schedule of the concerts
(coming soon)

Where can I see detailed updated plans and maps?

Coming soon

Can I bring the Savings Kit into the concert venue?

No, the Savings Kit can only be used in the Rest Area.

How can I drink at the concert venue?

To be able to drink at the concert venue you must purchase one of our Promo Drinks available. The Promo Drink 50×60 is currently active.



How many times can I enter and leave the concert venue?

You will be able to enter and leave the concert venue as many times as you want for FREE.

Where can I pick up the wristbands?

Depending on your subscription, you will be assigned to one accreditation point or another. This point is very important to keep in mind, you will only be able to exchange the ticket for the wristband at the accreditation center that corresponds to you according to the season ticket you have purchased.

Map coming soon

Can I pick up the bracelet from friends who are coming later or in the next few days?

Each person must personally exchange the season ticket for his or her wristband.

Do the VIP season ticket holders (with or without rest area) have a different queue to pick up the wristbands than the rest?

Yes. VIP pass holders have a separate queue at each accreditation center.

Is it mandatory to bring printed tickets?

YES. At least the general or VIP pass in order to speed up the accreditation process as much as possible.

What is the opening and closing time for accreditation?

Coming soon

What does the day ticket include?

The Day Ticket gives access to the festival only during the selected day from the opening of the gates until the closing of that day. If you want to attend the festival all 4 days, you must buy the 4 day tickets available, otherwise you will only be able to access the venue on the selected day. During the purchase process, make sure you select the day(s) you want to attend. You will be able to see the bands and artists performing each day on the festival poster. Times for each performance will be announced at a later date.

Can I go to the Welcome Party with a day ticket?

No, welcome parties are separate tickets and must be purchased separately. Only general admission or VIP attendees will be able to purchase these tickets. All day ticket holders will NOT be able to purchase tickets for the welcome parties.

Are there any tickets available for any of the Rest Areas?

YES, there are still available tickets for the Malvarrosa rest area.


I have purchased the Rest Zone and it has not arrived.

If you have not received your Rest Zone, you should write to

I entered my email address incorrectly when purchasing the Rest Area.

If in the purchase process of your Rest Zone you have put your email address wrong, you must write to Enterticket at the following email and they will help you as soon as possible.


How do I know if I am in Arenal A or B?

A plot will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis at the Rest Area. It will not be known until the same day and arrival at the Rest Area. People with Glamping Arenal will be in Arenal B.

From what day can I access the Rest Area?

You will be able to access the Rest Area from 8:00 a.m. on August 1st.

Until what day can I stay in the Rest Zone?

You will be able to stay in the Rest Area until 12:00 noon on August 7. Once this time has passed, no one can be in this area. We recommend that you leave early and collect all your belongings.

How big does the tent have to be?

The size of the tent should be in accordance with the number of people who will sleep in it. For example, if you are 4 people, the maximum capacity of the tent must be 4 people.

Can we take 2 tents with a capacity of 2 persons each?

Yes, since the important thing is the capacity of the store and that it is the same as the people who will occupy it.

Can we take a 6-person tent for 4 people?

No, since the capacity of the store is greater than the number of people who will occupy it.

If I have a season ticket + Malvarrosa rest area, can I access the Arenal rest area? And vice versa?

It is not possible to access a rest area for which you do not have a ticket. You can only access the rest area you have chosen at the time of ticket purchase.

If I have the VIP pass + lounge area and my friends have the general pass + lounge area. Can we camp together?

YES. There is not a designated area within the VIP rest area, so you will be able to camp together since you have the entrance to the same rest area.

Can I access the camping area with awnings, chairs, tables, tents, gazebos?

Only with chairs, awning and a small table, but always occupying the space that the staff of the camping area will delimit when you arrive and in the case of the awning, as long as it is an area that does not have it, as in the case of the wooded area of Arenal A.

Is there a designated area for caravans?

There is no designated area and it is not possible to access the camping area with vehicles, but you can park in the parking lot.

I want to change the name of the Rest Zone

You can change your name


What is the Promo Drink?

The Promo Drink is the way to drink at the festival, both in the bars of the concerts and in the bars of the Rest Area.

You can check all the advantages


Where can I make use of this Promo Drink?

You will be able to make use of the Promo Drink at the bars of the concert venue or at the bars of the Rest Areas.

If I don’t use all the money from the Promo Drink, is it refundable?

Yes, you will be able to return the money left over from August 7 at 12:00 noon until August 13 at 23:59 pm. After this period, no refund will be made for any money left over on the wristband. This refund will be subject to a 3€ handling fee.

The money from the Promo Drink 50×60, due to technical management, will be the last to be used in the bracelet, and it is non-refundable.

Is an extra 10€ charged for each Promo Drink?

Yes, for every Promo Drink you buy we give you 10€ free. The promotion is limited. Get it now


Where is Glamping located?

Glamping is located in the Malvarrosa rest area and in the Arenal rest area. Once you have purchased your Glamping tent on the web, you will have your tent reserved and set up. When you arrive in Burriana, all you have to do is go to your accreditation center to exchange your pass for the wristband and access the rest area that corresponds to your ticket. Once there, you will be told where to find the Glamping area, where you will have to present your Glamping ticket to gain access. Glamping staff will tell you where your tent is and will help you with everything you need (tents will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis). Glamping is an enclosed area, with its own security and shaded awnings. Remember that to access the Glamping you must have the corresponding Rest Zone, without the Rest Zone ticket, you will not be able to access the Glamping.

I want to make a change to a higher level store.

If you want to change your Glamping tent to a higher level Glamping tent, please write to

How are the Glamping tents assigned, can we go together with our friends?

Glamping tents are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. It will not be possible to reserve a place for anyone. If you want to camp next to your friends you must enter together.

Are Glamping tents nominative?

No, it is not necessary to match the name on the season ticket/rest areas with the Glamping ticket, but it is essential that the names and IDs on the check-in document are correct.

Do I need the rest area ticket if I have a FesTents store?

YES, ALWAYS! Without it you will not be able to access the Glamping Zone! The Glamping Zone is located within the rest area, so in order to access it you must pass the access control of the official camping and have the rest area corresponding to your tent.

Can more people enter than what is stated in the type of store?

The access to the store is not allowed to more people than those indicated.

Can I access the Glamping area without a reserved tent?

The access to the Glamping area is fenced off and has increased security that will only allow access if you have your tent.

Is there electricity in the stores?

For security reasons, especially at large events, we do not allow anything to be plugged in inside the tents.

What are the rules of the Glamping area?

These are the same rules as those for the free camping area of the festival.


For any questions about Glamping, you can

Can food and beverages be brought into the concert venue?

No, food and beverages may not be brought into the concert venue. At the concert venue you will find different gastronomic spaces inside the venue and bars where you can buy food and drinks.

In order to guarantee the health of the attendees, we are obliged not to allow free entry of food and beverages inside the concert venue, since, if so, we cannot guarantee that these food and beverages meet the necessary sanitary conditions, as well as those purchased, since when entry is allowed, there are cases of illegal sale of poorly preserved food and beverages. Food and beverages are sold on the premises, complying with all sanitary and legal standards, so if any attendee suffers from food poisoning, he/she will be covered by the law and the responsibility of the company that has supplied the food or beverage in bad condition. Attendees will only be allowed to bring food and beverages inside the enclosure in case of any kind of intolerance, with proof of medical certificate.

What can I NOT enter the concert venue?

It is forbidden to enter the premises with sharp, glass, metallic, throwing, flammable or blunt objects. Aerosols are also not allowed, since they are flammable objects. At the entrance there will be a security check for everyone’s safety. We ask for your maximum collaboration.

In addition, no food or drink may be brought into the festival’s concert venue. You will be able to find different gastronomic spaces within the enclosure and bars where you can buy food and drinks.

Are the buses round trip?

Yes, all official buses include the round trip to and from the same city.

Can I go from one city to Arenal Sound and back to another city?

When you buy a ticket-bus it includes the return trip to the same city, for example: if you buy from Madrid, it includes the return trip to Madrid. If you need to depart from one city and return to a different city, you need to purchase a bus ticket for each city.

Doubts Official Buses

If you have any questions regarding the Official Buses, please write to the following e-mail and they will answer you as soon as possible.

Mail doubts:

What can I take on the buses?

When packing your luggage, keep in mind to share as many things as possible, because once the bus hold is full, you will not be able to put anything else. In the event that the hold is full, only one piece of luggage per person will be allowed in the hold (not exceeding 20 kg) and one backpack (or similar) as hand luggage (inside the bus). Remember that carry-on baggage dimensions are standard (40cm length x 20cm depth x 20cm height). It is forbidden to carry beverages and food on the trips in order to use the hold only for suitcases and shared tents. Inside the bus you will be able to carry hand luggage that fits in the compartments above the seats.

Is there a special bus service connecting Burriana train station and nearby towns with the festival?

Yes, the Sounder Bus. You can find all the information and all the routes


Where can I exchange my SOUNDER BUS ticket for the wristband?

There are two pick-up points depending on the type of ticket you have purchased. One is located inside the Malvarrosa rest area (beach area) for those who have a season ticket (general or VIP) + Malvarrosa Rest Area. You will also find another stand located next to the Accreditation Center of the Arenal Rest Area for those who have a Pass (general or VIP) + Arenal Rest Area.

If you do not have a Rest Area and you have taken the Sounder Bus, you have to pick up your Sounder Bus wristband at the stand located at the entrance of the Arenal Rest Area. The booths to redeem the Sounder Bus voucher will be open from Tuesday, August 1 through Sunday, August 1 from 10 am to 10 pm. See location on the map.

I have doubts about Sounder Bus routes, who can help me?

Write to and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the Sounder Bus routes?

Coming soon

When can I start using the Sounder Bus?

You will be able to start using the Sounder Bus once you have exchanged the ticket for the wristband. You will not be able to use the ticket, only the bracelet.

What is the Savings Kit and what does it include?

It is the best way to drink in the Rest Zone.


1 bottle of Gin / Pink Gin / Rum / Vodka / Whisky of 70cl.

2 bottles of 1L soft drink or 1 bottle of 1L + two cans of Red Bull


How many Savings Kits can I buy?

You can buy as many Savings Kits as you want.

Where do I pick up my Savings Kit?

Coming soon

Civis Hotels Group

The Civis Hotels group has closed a collaboration agreement with the festival offering a special room rate for attendees, as well as special rates for musical groups. Ask for price and availability by sending an e-mail to the following addresses: /

Eurohotel Estació

Eurohotel Castelló Estació has closed a collaboration agreement with the festival offering a special room rate for attendees, as well as special rates for musical groups.

You can also send your request by email.

Intur Group

The Intur Group has closed a collaboration agreement with the festival offering a special room rate for attendees, as well as special rates for musical groups. The hotels available to the Intur Group in the province of Castellón are the following: Intur Castellón **** Intur Azor *** (with swimming pool) Intur Bonaire **** (with swimming pool) Intur Orange **** (with swimming pool) To make a reservation for sounders, please contact us directly by sending an email to or by calling the Intur Hotels reservation center +34 964 394 497.

I want to be accredited as press
You can request a press pass

Until when can I be accredited as press
You will be able to fill out the questionnaire and be accredited as press until July 26, 2022. Once this date has passed, the application cannot be completed. Up to a maximum date of 3 days before the festival, the organization will contact the media informing whether or not accreditation will be granted.

Quiero trabajar en Arenal Sound
Si quieres trabajar en Arenal Sound próximamente inscríbete en ESTA PLATAFORMA ( ), cuando se acerque el festival abriremos el plazo de inscripción en dicha plataforma.

¿Cómo puedo contactar con Arenal Sound?
Si quieres contactar con nosotros puedes hacerlo a través del correo