From 50€ + fee
20% off on drinks!
Prices before 08/07 or until sold out.
Buy now € 50 in Tuents by Tuenti and you will receive € 60 in Tuents to spend at the festival when you arrive.
The Tuents by Tuenti are the official currency of the festival and with them you can buy drinks at the bars of the musical village and campsite areas.
STEP 1 Select “Promo Tuents by Tuenti.
STEP 2 You will receive a confirmation email with a PDF with your code.
STEP 3 Print it and bring it to Arenal Sound.
STEP 4 When you access to the musical village, you must go to PROMO TUENTS CASH POINT.
*The tuents by Tuenti are the official currency of Arenal Sound and you can pay in all the bars of the concert venue.
**At the end of the festival, if you have tuents you can exchange them for gigas for your mobile, discounts and much more. When the time comes, you can do it at