A privileged place on the Mediterranean.


This privilege natural, Burriana gives the possibility to offer to anyone who ventures not only enjoy the exquisite climate and exceptional views but also to publicize the sea as a side sport through its School Sailing, Nautical Club, Winfurf Club of Diving Club … counting also a fishing port, extended over four ties, that make this city an ideal destination for leisure and relaxation. The city boasts two renowned natural wonders and natural landscapes, the mouth of the River Mijares and Ana River Mouth, better known as the Clot de la Mare de Deu, in consequence of the popular legend that holds its river. Its historical and architectural heritage, unique in the Community with the modernist city of Burriana par excellence, and its exclusive pact with nature, make it a unique place open to the sea in which to enjoy a myriad of possibilities.


You will need your five senses. (vista) (view) Open your eyes and enjoy the greatest natural spectacle on the shores of the Mediterranean (touch), feel the sand on your feet when dancing (ear) while listening to the best surf music mixed with the sea. (smell) Smells chance and salt, because it smells Burriana, and (taste) tests the orange flavor of the best and freshest music festival at sea.